French Quarter Condos, Showings of French Quarter Condos is an experience!

    The New Orleans French Quarter is unique in many ways and one is an afternoon showing of a number of French Quarter condos on a recent Sunday afternoon.  Showing French Quarter Condos can be a lively experience especially on the weekend.  Parking is not easy so all the units are shown by walking and you want to have the list planned out.  In most cases agents and owners will meet you to show their units, this is the way its done and will not be changed anytime soon.  A few empty places will have keys.  Today Lana Sackett of Prudential and I were showing one of our clients 6-7 units in a couple of hours so we had to hurry.  I had to leave early, so team work does pay.

New Orleans French Quarter Condos

Lana has her walking shoes and her map. We are ready to go.  Lana wished she had a yellow dress but a picture in front of a yellow house will have to do. 

French Quarter Hotel

French Quarter Hotel, too good a shot to pass up.  Lana said she would buy lunch and we were short on  time.  Just too many people out enjoying the day.  We stopped at Rouses Supermarket on Royal, this was an historic A&P until they were bought our last year. Now its a historic Rouse’s with much more to choose from. largest grocery in the Quarter by far. Time to pick our meal out!  

Rouse’s in the French Quarter

The Rouse’s Deli worked great.  The sandwich lady made me a custom meatloaf po-boy sandwich.  I got a bargain and Lana got fried chicken.  Lana got off easy and the agents were off to eat. But where, Jackson Square was a couple of blocks away. Passing art work and  entertainers along the way.  A picture of a picture.  Where are the benches?

Jackson Square in New Orleans for lunch

 Found a bench by this guy in Jackson Square.  People would pay to eat here.  The pigeons eat for free but were not in the mood for meatballs or chicken.  We even had a band playing in the background.  Cheerleaders were doing a routine by Andrew Jackson and someone  was getting married at the St. Louis Cathedral behind us.  Finding a bench under a large oak tree was great for lunch and free entertainment.

Jackson Square lunch in the French Quarter

Our first appointment was on Royal Street.  Our clients were a few minutes late as was the listing agent.  The 8 piece band was in the middle of the street in front of the units we were looking at.  Entertainment while you are showing is no extra charge. Here come our clients and enough of the concert.  Lets go climb the stairs as many units are above retail space that is on the ground floor.  Not many elevators here.

French Quarter Band, French Quarter Condos

Off to the next showing.  Turning the corner is another great shot.  We get to the next appointment early.  The owner was getting ready to eat but would rather show his place.  Wow, I had been here two years earlier when the place was empty.  The place looked great since it was now finished.  He showed us some of his souvenirs from Iraq and his guest started to arrive so it was time to go.  Our client thanked him for his service in Iraq and we scurried downstairs to the next appointment.  This could only happen in New Orleans, town is full of characters and stories.

French Quarter corner

Now the listing agent is late for our next showing.  Just sit on someone porch and wait.  The workman and time people put into these houses has always amazed me.  You only get to notice it when you sit and wait for the agent.  Gives me a chance to share it with you.  Take time to just look at the details.  Here come the agent so lets go quick as we are running behind schedule.  The unit turned out to be a dud!

French Quarter homes

 I have the map said Lana.  I just told the agent we would be late by a few minutes.  Well, Lana walks the wrong way and we follow as we are in a hurry.  Three blocks later she figures it out and we turn around.  I have to leave as I have an open house in Metairie at 3pm.  almost walk into the carriage on the way back to the car. I have 30 minutes to get there.  So got to walk fast. Now where did I park, senior moment then I remember!

One great balcony! I stop for a quick shot or two. Balconies are always worth thousands so lets hope you have a green thumb to go with your money as this person does.  Almost back to the car, got 20 minutes to make it to the Open House.  I hope the car can drive itself and it did get me to the open house in time.  The open house went well but I was bushed.  We should charge people to show places in the French Quarter.  Maybe we can have more time for lunch next time since it will be my turn to buy.  Half the afternoon is gone. Lana still has a couple to show,  Lets see the top two or three picks, as an agent you just never know what the client is going to like.  Lana will know?

French Quarter balcony

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  1. Gretchen - LifeStyle Denver

    Wow! What a great post. I’ve been lucky enough to visit New Orleans twice for the NAR meetings, and stayed in the Quarter once. These photos were fun to see, and give a great flavor of your wonderful city.
    Gretchen Faber

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