New Orleans Condos, Your condo Inspections? One more Step!

     Once you have your offer accepted by the seller you have a certain number of days to inspect the working parts of the condo.  This period is usually 15 days but doing it as quick as possible is the best rule and you may need some followup inspections.  When you made the offer you looked at the condo and considered everything to be in working order.  This is your chance to inspect the condo to make sure all items are working to your satisfaction.  It is quite normal to find some items not working properly.

    Its advisable to hire a professional inspector so he can go through the list of items he has to check.  He will inspect everything from the electrical plus to the shower to the air conditioner unit.  You want to know what you are purchasing.  It is always advisable for you to attend the inspection so you can watch and really have time to look around.  This is a time to ask questions.  The inspector will write up a report and give it to you before we leave or e-mail it to us.  This gives you a back up from a professional to go to the sellers with the items that we have found to be deficient.

     Many times you will pick up on cosmetic issues that need addressing while the inspectors are checking the mechanical items.  Mothers are really great when it comes to this facet of the inspection.  We will combine the lists after both are finished.

The New Orleans Condo Inspector

     The seller does not have to fix the items on our list.  You do not have to buy the unit if he does not fix the items we present to him.  Generally an agreement is reached for the seller to fix all the items.  Sometimes the seller is not in a position to get the items repaired.  The seller can give you an allowance and this is acceptable if the items are those where you know the what the cost is.  If it is something like the a/c not working then you want it repaired by an a/c person with the proper bill and repairs that were done.

     Once you accept the report and the sellers repairs you are almost complete with the condition of the condo.  However before closing we are going to visit the condo again to make sure nothing has been damaged or broken in the move.  I like to do this the night before the act of sale.

     The seller a periods of up to 5 days before the closing to get the items repaired.  We will check the items through bills and a visual inspection of the condo before we close.  In real estate its is better to see if the items are fixed properly.  If the problem is a larger one you may want to have the inspector come check the unit out again.  This rarely happens but this is an option.

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