New Orleans Condos and the foreclosure Market, Louisiana ranks 40th!

    According to City Business “Louisiana was ranked near the bottom of the National Foreclosure list, a not so good list, at No. 40.  The state had 650 properties with foreclosure filings, for a decline of 15.25 percent from February 2007 and a 9.72 decline from last month. ” Many of these could be Katrina related but it does not breakdown the reasons for foreclosures. 

    I have yet to see a foreclosure on a condo in the areas of New Orleans that I work and very few homes.  There was one that was getting ready for the Sheriffs sale last August but it was pulled at the last moment.  There was not a lot of speculation in this market and thus the downturn will be less.  This is not to say the condo market is robust as it is not.  Most of the units are holding onto gains. 

   Condo purchases are going to be less affected than homes in the New Orleans market as the buyers were more upscale and had large down payments, cash transactions, and very few were in the sub prime category.  I only know of one unit that I sold in the last 5 years where it was a B paper loan.  The person oddly enough was a mortgage orginator for a sub prime lender.  He had also no business in the areas where I worked which was a good omen as I look back.

     Its good to be on the bottom of some lists.  Louisiana then ranks near the top in growth for 2008.  Primarily due to increase in exports , high prices for oil and gas, rebuilding after Katrina and a positive effect of lower taxes compared to other states.  Our new Governor is lowering taxes on businesses and making the state more business friendly.  It does not hurt to have a billion dollar tax surplus which is being put into roads, coastal restoration and education. Solid principles for job growth.  He happens to be a conservative Republican in a Democratic state.

New Orleans Condo foreclosures

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