Bromeliads, A New Orleans Treat, they love the weather!

     I cannot even remember how I fell into this hobby but it was well before my real estate career started.  Bromeliads are a sub-tropical family of plants related to Pineapples.  They love the New Orleans weather.  I happen to grow these guys because they are easy to grow and the blooms sometimes will last for several months.  I have over 100 in pots and flower beds around the house.  They need little soil, hate the cold weather, and love the rain and humidity.  They can enjoy the shade of Oaks for months at a time. 

      I cannot give you a lot of scientific info on these plants but they are easy to take care of.  I re-pot most of the plants yearly in a mixture of peat moss and garden soil.  The pups are the new plants grown off the older plants after they bloom.  Sometimes there can be 3-4 pups on a plant. You can break these off and replant.  They will even grow with little soil as long as they have shade and water.  I planted several in a tree several years ago and they are doing great.

Bromeliads in New Orleans

     The Bromeliads and the variety that they come in seem to be endless.  Being in the real estate business its perfect for picking up new varieties as you meet other bromeliad lovers.  You can check out the New Orleans Bromeliad Society for a schedule of their activities.  They will have several shows and it’s another place to pick up some unusual varieties.  Come on over and I will give you a couple as I have to start repotting and dividing them.

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