Lucky Dogs carts have called the French Quarter Home for over 50 Years.

    The Lucky Dogs Wagons have made the French Quarter their home for over 50 years.  Lucky Dogs are the only vendor allowed to sell food from carts and has an exclusive vending permit for the steam hot dogs.  The hero of Confederacy of Dunces was once a Lucky Dog vendor.  Your selection is limited to the famous steamed hot dog and a variety of toppings.  Twenty one million have been sold to date along with a lot of stories.  The carts are out daily and nightly until 4 am when they head back home.  There are hundreds of stories from many nightly revelers on Bourbon Street.  People have been known to ride the carts amid a nite in the French Quarter.  Check out the various stories about the famous cart on the Company’s website.  The prices have changed over the years but the taste is the same.

Lucky Dog stands

     In New Orleans once these institutions get established they tend to be supported and stay around much longer than in other cities.  Its like Star Bucks is here, but they are not the most popular coffee house.  We will figure this out with your help.     

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