The Bakery Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District where some things come in small packages!

         You guessed it, The Bakery Condos located at 1111 S. Peters was once a Bakery.  It is the last condo complex in the Warehouse District before going under the Mississippi River bridge.   The bakery was once “Consumers Biscuit Company” built in 1920.  The 68 units of mostly one bedroom units were converted into condos in 2004.  The vast majority of the units were converted and redone by the developer before being sold as condos in 2004.  Its an easy access to the Interstate and a nice walk to the New Orleans French Quarter.

Bakery Condos at 1111 S. Perters Street in the Warhouse District

      The 68 units in the Bakery Condos come in different views and sizes.  Most of the units are small except there are a couple of penthouse units that have existed since the units were rentals.  The best units are the exterior units that face outside with the large windows and high ceilings.  The interior units face an interior atrium but have low ceiling and you do not get the historic feel of the exterior units.

      The Bakery Atrium is four floors and let plenty of light in for the interior units.  The fourth floor units have the highest ceilings.  The units on S. Peters and those facing the Federal Fibre Mills have the better views.  The Bakery sits between the Federal Fibre Mills and their parking lot and is two blocks to the New Orleans Convention Center. 

Bakery Condos in the New Orleans Warehouse District

     The amenities include a small gym, small plastic pool and deck in the rear. They are OK at best.  The unusual thing is there is parking in the garage and rear lot which is secure and most of the units have parking.  I have sold three units in the building with garage parking.  Two of those units were in the 160’s that had garage parking.  Three of the units that I sold  were used as second homes and were on the small side, but great for a weekend getaway.  The units are professionally managed and always see someone there every morning doing something.  Most of the better buys in the Bakery are the one bedrooms.

Bakery Condos

      This is the nicest small unit pictured above that I sold several years ago.  It had very high ceilings on the fourth floor looking out on a Hampton Inn and a park across the street.  It got the morning light and the many windows gave it plenty of light.  The wood floors, beams and masonery wall gives you the Warehouse District feel.  After Hurricane Katrina this unit had 16 broken windows from debris blowing off a nearby building.  The security crew taped and boarded the windows and no damage was sustained.  The windows were repaired in several weeks which was quick in the fall of 2005.  A very quiet building that seems to be well managed.

The Bakery Condos, the Atrium

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