Warehouse District Condos, Pet friendly? Pets Allowed?

     The New Orleans Warehouse District condos and lofts are very pet friendly.  I cannot think of a single complex that does not allow pets.  There are going to be limits as to size and the numbers you can have.  The condo documents will spell this out as to the types and sizes of the dogs.  This is for insurance purposes mainly.  There will be leash regulations in all of the units.  There are tons of people that walk their pets daily as there are a number of nearby downtown parks or neutral grounds.  Rarely do you see dog mess so people do take care with there pets.    

     Pets in New Orleans are part of your family.  The rules change when you get to Uptown New Orleans where some complexes do not allow dogs.  Always good to check first on what the basic rules are so you will not be disappointed later in the process.  The MLS sheets should say what is allowed but never the less ask to be sure what the rules are.   Some will allow cats but no dogs.

      This is a photo of Baxter and Bootsie who are my sons dogs who are currently in Houston but are looking to returning to New Orleans sometime in the future. 


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