New Orleans Condos, Who manages your condo?

     In many of small  New Orleans condo associations the owners themselves manage the complex by electing members to certain positions.  However size does not determine how it is managed. Many small associations do hire management companies to take care of the repairs, Insurance issues, paperwork, bills, upkeep and much more.  As the complexes get larger there is so much work to do that the association has an on site manager that either they hire or are placed there by a management company.  Many ciations that have residents that are busy,  hire management companies to take care of the day to day problems that arise.  The condo boards then oversee the management companies work. 

      There are few associations that hire and manage there own such as 700 S. Peters does.  Most use management companies where they can draw on the resources and bargaining power of the management  companies.  They may not be on site but manage several properties.

     The small conversions are generally going to be run by the members themselves and handle the various duties between the members.  If you are a second home owner you may want the managed concept to know the business in handled by a professional.  This may even be the case if you live there.  It cost extra but may be cheaper in the long run. 

      New conversions and new condos are run by the developers until a certain amount of the condos are sold and a certain amount of time passes.  This is spelled out in the condo documents.  Upon getting a contract accepted you will able to read the rules, regulations and condo documents.

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