New Orleans Condos, How much do you pay for the views?

     Views are very important in your New Orleans Condo. This is especially true in the French Quarter, Warehouse District and in Uptown New Orleans.  Most great views will cost you more and could  well be worth the price.  Some of very nice views will not cost you more but will help your value when reselling.  Developers know people will pay for a great view of the Mississippi River, they will charge you more and those units will sell first.  The top or higher views will cost more or will sell first. 

     However in conversions the views mean the units sell first or stay on the market longer and thus will resell for less.  Who wants to buy a view of a roof full of air conditioner units?  Would you like a view of the interstate? People also like units with light that will many times be a function of what floor that you are on.  Ground floors tend to do less well but this is not always related to views but often times to noise and security concerns. 

 Its all in how you view it.

New Orleans French Quarter views, French Quarter Condos

      You can help yourself by choosing your unit with these facts in mind  because the difference is huge.  I sold two or three  units the the Cotton Mill Condos this past summer that all had great views of the city skyline.  Two of the units this was not a factor in the pricing and thus getting the clients a great value when they go to resell in a couple of years.  The other was my listing and we put a premium in the price for the city view and the fact that the unit was on the top floor.  It sold for more than I thought it would and the view was a large factor plus the fact that it was furnished and decorated with a small condo in mind.  Staging your condo is another blog subject. 

      When my client bought the condo below he did not pay extra for the view but it worked out well for him. He was transferred after a year and was able to sell his unit for about 10k more than he bought it for in a poor market when he needed to sell.  This was the main reason it sold within a couple of weeks. It was the View!  It pays to trust your senses and in this case the eyes have the last word. 

New Orleans Condos, the views

Warehouse District View form the Cotton Mill Condos, 4th floor


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  1. Carole Cohen

    I love the Warehouse District View and judging from the shape and size of window, it’s loft-like? Very cool. I also love the style of your new blog and the blog heading photo. You have a great new blog baby, Eric!

  2. Sharon Simms

    Views in St Pete condos definitely affects the price. In a city, we also have to be careful to advise the prospective buyer that their view might change drastically if something is built next door or between this building and the river or city. The likelihood of that happening also affects the price, as does the possibility of living with 2 years of construction next door.

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