New Orleans Condos, The Hibiscus will grow almost anywhere! Your Courtyard or balcony can be its home!

     The Hibiscus is a colorful staple of many New Orleans gardens,  I had a number of them blooming over the weekend.  They seem to love pots and plenty of rain and humidity which we get a lot of in New Orleans.  I just enjoy them and buy several new ones per year to have some color.  There is even a Hibiscus Club in New Orleans which has an annual show where you can buy some of the more unusual ones.  I have mine in pots so it it does get cold I can bring them in or close to the house, freeze them and they are most likely gone.  They will need to be watered in the summer if in direct sun.  The dark green leaves are pretty in themselves.  I can never smell anything so they must be appealing to the sight.

       Every realtor has to have a hobby and this is one of mine as they tend to be carefree if watered and feed every so often.  I keep mine in a saucer of water in the summer and plant in a Terra cot-ta pot with lots of peat moss so it can hold the moisture.  Having an almost tropical climate in New Orleans gives gardeners many many choices of color, flowering palnts and greenery.  By putting the hobby of gardening and photography together with blogging give us another avenue to view New Orleans.

Hibiscus in the New Orleans Courtyeard

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