New Orleans Condos – Lush Tropical Courtyards that you do not see!

  New Orleans Condos, the tropical Courtyards of New Orleans   What separates New Orleans Condos from those of  other cities is the lush courtyards, fountains and lush tropical plants.   This of course is possible due to the warm weather and annual rainfall of over 60 inches per year.   Everything tends to grow and prosper with little care in the rich Mississippi Delta soil that created the area.  Courtyards are protected from the occasional freeze and easy to manage.  Tropical plants that prosper are impatiens, bromeliads, hibiscus, ginger, banana trees, crepe myrtles, small palms and many more.  The fountain is always going to be a center piece of many New Orleans gardens and the sound of moving water is appreciated during the hot humid summers.  Red bricks always add to the as the patios are usually old brick.

      This is a courtyard of a condo complex on Washington Ave.  When you get these lush gardens you will also get some interesting insects and then a lot of great birds that like to eat the insects.  You can get creative so no two courtyards are going to look alike.  The problem is that most are hidden behind the gates and do not get noticed. However you can come back and see them on this blog in the future. 

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